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从国外黑莓网站--CrackBerry的一篇调查文章:What are your BlackBerry KEY3 must-have features? (你的黑莓key3必须具备哪些功能?)一文中可以看出,TCL并不会放弃黑莓,只是时间上与价格上还需要做一些调控,TCL目前在于宣传推广PLEX手机,而其它三个手机品牌:阿尔卡特,黑莓,PALM也是TCL仍然致力专注的中端市场。所以,黑莓KEY3还是有希望的,大家还是要多等等。


What are your BlackBerry KEY3 must-have features? 

Ever since the BlackBerry KEY2 was announced well over a year ago, there has been talk of a BlackBerry KEY3 and while TCL has offered no official KEY3 comments specifically, a few recent interviews with TCL Executives has placed focus on the potential of it eventually coming to market and TCL's plans for the BlackBerry brand.

During a CCS Insight Predictions event in London, as part of a much broader conversation about TCL, their brands, strategy, and 5G rollout, TCL's General Manager of Marketing quickly noted "If you would introduce 5G on a BlackBerry device, I don't see the point if you get your emails faster. It's not the entertainment proposition."

That offhand comment brought back KEY3 discussions in the CrackBerry Forums with debates over whether 5G is needed or if it could wait until the technology has matured, and whether or not a BlackBerry can be considered an entertainment device. Perhaps it's just me, but after watching the full interview, the key takeaway wasn't 'there will never be 5G on a BlackBerry', it was that the time is not right for it yet due to a number of things including price and TCL's hardware plans, which also have Alcatel phones getting the game-changing technology 'later.'

Right now, TCL is focused on extending the TCL brand and recently announced the TCL PLEX. That brand extension and focus, however, has left some folks wondering where Alcatel, BlackBerry, and Palm stand. In a second interview given in London, it was noted those brands all have a place, and TCL remains committed to each of them.

This is a long term strategy for TCL. We're not here for short term success. The first step for us is TCL Plex, this will not replace Alcatel and BlackBerry or Palm. TCL will sit above those brands and focus on the mid-tier segment.

Now, even though there are no solid confirmations there for a BlackBerry KEY3, the fact TCL is out there discussing their brands and future device strategy bodes well for the potential. From the jump, TCL has stated they're here for the long haul, and while new BlackBerry devices may not be coming as fast as we all would like or hope, it does seem as though they're still a part of the long term strategy.

With all of that in mind, now is as good a time as any to discuss what you all would like to see in a BlackBerry KEY3. When we did up our BlackBerry KEY2 one year later review, there were plenty of folks who noted they were waiting for a KEY3, so let's hear what you'd like to see it bring to the table!

自从一年多前发布BlackBerry KEY2以来,一直在谈论BlackBerry KEY3,尽管TCL并未明确提供官方的KEY3评论,但最近对TCL高管的一些采访都将重点放在了其最终走向市场和TCL对黑莓品牌的计划。

在伦敦举行的CCS Insight Predictions活动中,作为有关TCL,其品牌,战略和5G推出的广泛讨论的一部分,TCL的市场营销总经理迅速指出:“如果您要在BlackBerry设备上引入5G,我不会看看是否可以更快地收到电子邮件,这不是娱乐的主张。”


目前,TCL致力于扩展TCL品牌,并于近期宣布推出TCL PLEX。但是,这种品牌的扩展和关注使一些人想知道阿尔卡特,黑莓和Palm在哪里。在伦敦进行的第二次采访中,我们注意到那些品牌都占有一席之地,TCL仍然致力于每个品牌。

这是TCL的长期策略。我们不是在这里取得短期成功。对我们来说,第一步是TCL Plex,这不会取代阿尔卡特和BlackBerry或Palm。 TCL将坐在这些品牌之上,并专注于中端市场。

现在,即使那里没有关于BlackBerry KEY3的可靠证据,但事实是TCL在那里讨论他们的品牌,并且未来的设备策略预示着潜力。从一跃而下,TCL表示他们将在这里长途跋涉,尽管新的BlackBerry设备可能无法像我们所有人所希望的或希望的那样快,但看来它们仍然是长期的一部分战略。

考虑到所有这些,现在是讨论任何人在BlackBerry KEY3中看到的内容的最佳时机。一年后,当我们完成对BlackBerry KEY2的审查时,很多人指出他们正在等待KEY3,所以让我们听听您希望看到它带来什么!